A letter from Sharon Snyder

Dear supporters,

My beautiful baby boy, Kyle, was born on March 15th, 1996. He was a healthy child who had a wonderful fascination for life. He was such a cutie pie, and so many people would approach us to let us know how beautiful and special he was. There was a glow inside of him that we truly believe radiated from the inside out. He loved attention and he definitely got it! Everyone gave it to him, from his family and friends to anyone who was blessed to have him in their lives, even if it was only for a short while.

On February 20, 1998, our world was turned upside down; Kyle was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He fought the bravest fight we have ever seen. He endured needles, endless bone marrow aspirations and spinal taps. He went through a massive amount of blood and platelet transfusions, and received an enormous amount of chemotherapy that no one should ever be forced to endure, let alone such a young child. Everything was done in the hopes that we could save his precious little life.

His body ached, his immune system was diminished, and his body was bruised; at times he became very lethargic due to anemia. His childhood was stripped away from him in the hopes that the treatment would “cure” him and he would soon be blessed to go back to the normal routine that he so much deserved.

While we realized it must have been extremely difficult for a two-year-old to understand his situation, Kyle did an amazing job adapting to his new life, though sometimes he would try to trick us into taking him to play at one of his favorite places. This was not possible due to his compromised immune system, but that didn’t stop him from asking to go to Chuck E. Cheese or on his beloved choo-choo train at the mall whenever we would drive by.

On October 15, 1998 at the tender age of two years and seven months, Kyle lost his battle with cancer. All of the life promised to him came to an end on this day. Such a beautiful and young life was taken away from us by this devastating disease.

Leukemia took Kyle’s body, but it will never destroy Kyle’s beautiful soul, his soaring spirit and a million wonderful memories we are blessed to hold dear to our hearts. As I have said for many years now, we can’t control when something terrible comes into our lives but we make the decision what to do during the aftermath when it has. The Kisses for Kyle Foundation was born out of the deep love we will always have for our precious child. Kyle is much more important than a memory of what once was. It is through our foundation that we continue to care and love for him every day; it is how we keep him present in our lives. It is through Kyle’s memory and spirit that we are helping many other families enduring what we once did.

We will always miss our beautiful Kyle; he is his Mamma’s Sunshine and his Daddy’s Buddy. We love you sweetheart, so much.


Sharon Snyder, President and Founder

Kisses for Kyle Foundation

Helping Families Battling Childhood Cancer